2020-21 Georgia Tech Charitable Campaign

Whether it provides groceries to a family in need or feeds an animal in a shelter — every dollar donated to the State Charitable Contributions Program helps a worthy cause.

Over the past four years of the Charitable Campaign, an average of 717 employees have participated in the campaign. Due to the generosity of its faculty and staff, Georgia Tech has earned the Governor’s Cup 13 years in a row for having the highest contribution per employee among state institutions of its size.

This year, Georgia Tech's campaign runs through Nov. 16, 2021. There are more than 700 local, state, and national nonprofit organizations to which you can contribute. You can support cancer research, provide food and shelter to the homeless, or assist children learning to read – along with hundreds of other ways to make a difference.

Please take a moment to pledge your contribution using OneUSG Connect and continue our legacy of generosity. If you have questions, contact the Campaign Team at charitable@gatech.edu.

***Donors who are having problems with the contribution module in OneUSG Connect should visit the FAQ***